Serviceplan & team up to raise awareness for testicular cancer with ‘The Great Egg Hunt’

Easter is the time for egg hunting. Unfortunately, most men forget the importance of checking their own “eggs” when growing up (in German the word for testicles is ‘Ei’, the same as the word for egg).

Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer affecting young adults. Every year, thousands die of testicular cancer – even though in the majority of cases it can be cured if detected early. That’s why adult entertainment platform and popular adult entertainment star Lucy Cat are encouraging regular testicle examination.

If Testicular cancer is detected early, there’s a Testicular Cancer has a 95% chance of successful treatment. The adult entertainment platform along with Serviceplan, is encouraging regular testicle examination over the Easter period.

Important institutions like the German Urology Society appeal to young men to check their testicles regularly. But only 11% of all German men take advantage of free annual cancer checks.

Popular German adult entertainment star Lucy Cat doubts the success of such conventional campaigns: “I would like to try to make also younger men feel more sensitive to testicular cancer, since it is usually classified as less relevant because of the young age.”

That’s why Lucy Cat created the explicit testicular cancer examination video tutorial “Eiersuche” (“Egg Hunting”), which is gaining a lot of attention in the German online and social channels. The video has already gone viral with 277,000 views on Facebook and 63,000 views on YouTube.

If it reaches a million views online adult entertainment portal, who are supporting the initiative, will donate 10,000 euros to Testicular Cancer prevention programmes. For every 1,000 views,, where the videos of Lucy Cat can be seen, will donate 10€ to Testicular Cancer prevention programs.

Dennis Cohen, spokesperson, supports Lucy Cat’s activity: “We support open minded society – that’s why we also have to talk openly about issues like testicular cancer. We hope the campaign will teach men the importance of checking their “eggs” regularly, so they can enjoy life for as long as possible.”


Client: / Dennis Cohen PR Manager MG Germany
Agency: Serviceplan PR
Global Creative Strategist: Maximilian Schoengen
Creative Director: Lorenz Langgartner & Franz Roeppischer
Art Director: Azim Abasbek
Production: nhb studios

Source: Serviceplan

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