Sodimac & McCann Lima’s VR experience offers highway passengers in Peru an exciting 15km virtual ride

Sodimac, Peru’s largest home improvement chain, and McCann Lima have partnered to create the biggest VR experience ever produced in the country. The “Hijacked Highway” is a 360-degree virtual-reality experience that will allow co-pilots and passengers in selected cars to ride along the Panamericana Sur with a unique point of view.

The VR initiative intervenes in specific spots throughout the Panamericana Sur landscape (between its 11th and 97th kilometers) and replaces the traditional billboards and visual clutter that drivers have to endure. The experience presents 3D animated images of Sodimac’s main summer offerings in funny and surprising forms.

The underlying idea of this campaign is to show consumers that Sodimac is an expert when it comes to transforming and enhancing any space. The campaign also explores an alternative media and guerilla-marketing strategy for Panamericana Sur, which is a highly-prized and expensive advertising arena during the summer season–ad placements on the billboards along the highway are the Peruvian equivalent of having a Super Bowl spot. The “Hijcked Highway” experience demonstrates how advertisers can compete for consumer attention with far less media investment, and in this case, adding a very powerful call to action.

“The challenge was to create an advertising campaign that could be innovative and stand out in such coveted advertising space, offering our customers an unforgettable experience while promoting our products,” says Ángela Álvarez, marketing and client strategy manager at Sodimac.

More than 40,000 VR cardboard glasses were distributed along the highway tolls stops, allowing auto passengers to see 20+ real life home improvement offers that virtually replace the billboards.
“We wanted to offer an innovative strategy that took advantage of a very commoditized media landscape and turning it into an interactive and immersive experience,” said Mauricio Fernández-Maldonado, McCann Lima’s creative VP.


Client: Sodimac Homecenter
Marketing and client strategy manager: Angela Álvarez
Advertising and Communications manager: Rocío Miranda
Head of advertising: Cali Loli
Head of Digital Marketing: Diana Tanaka
Head of brand: Daniela Hoyos

Agency: McCann Lima
Creative VPs: Mauricio Fernández-Maldonado / Christian Caldwell
Creative Directors: Jomi Rivera / Pipo Galván
Creatives: Alvaro Soto and Gonzalo Paredes
Account service: Andrea Rosselló/ Mirjana Slavkovic/ Daphne Kizner
Planning VP: Juan Luis Arteaga
Production director: Alonso Palomino
Production house: Pierina Ravizza
Digital and BTL team:
Digital director: Virgina Caceres
Project manager: Angie Valiente / Monica Campos
Creatives: Andres Aranguren/ Luis Veliz
Designer: Akemi Calderón
Community Manager: Marco Hernando

Promotion director: Berenice Lu
General producer: Giovanna Rojas
Executive producers: Enrique Vicente, Andrea De La Torre

Production: Saturno
Production team: Alvaro Luque/ Cocler Diaz/ Paola Saavedra (PSV)/ Bridgith Peña/ Kimy Velasquez/ Gabriel Loret de Mola
Film crew: Juan Pablo Polanco/ Daniel Bacigalupo/ Daniel Hernandez/Victor Fernandez/Jesus Gallegos/ Wilder Ludeña/ Cesar Enrique Silva/Wilmer (Abby Mata)

VR Production: Plan B
Production team: Percy Kiyabu & Kurt Gastulo/ Julian Giraldo/ Alex Ocaña/ Emilio Naka/Victor Nakandakari/ Oswaldo Anchayhua/ Oscar Gomez/ Chubi Akama/ Williams Mantari/ Jorge Noriega/Oswaldo Anchayhua/ Oscar Gomez/ Chubi Akama/ Victor Nakandakari
Animation: Victor Nakandakari/ Williams Mantari/ Chubby Akama/ Emilio Naka/ Christian Orendo/ Cecilia Tamashiro/ Victor “Pulpin” Vegas/ José Custodio, Andrés Abad

Sound production: Sin Anestesia
Crew: Claudia Incio/ Jhonny Vasquez/ Charly Garcia
Singers: Richi Rodriguez / Daniela Guersi / Jhonny Vasquez / Claudia Incio / Jessica Vilchez.

Source: McCann Lima

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